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Target Your Pain

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Bluewater Physiotherapy Clinic: Pain Treatment in Durham

Welcome to Bluewater Physiotherapy Clinic in Durham. We are a family run business dedicated to alleviating your pain and improving your quality of life. We treat patients of all ages throughout Grey and Bruce counties.

Our experience in physiotherapy was rooted 50 years ago when we practised in the UK. There we gained experience in various realms of the physio world including orthopedic and muscular skeleton systems. Today we work as an OHIP clinic providing therapy and pain treatment in Durham to people under 19 years of age and over 65 years of age (with a doctor’s referral) who don’t have extended health coverage. We also cover people who have records of being hospitalized. Lastly, we offer private appointments to individuals without insurance or a record of hospitalization.

When you need proactive rehabilitation to help ease your acute or chronic pain and strengthen your body, visit Bluewater Physiotherapy Clinic. You’ll be welcomed by our friendly therapy dog and experienced physiotherapists who will provide you with the proper assessments and medical solutions. From treating musculoskeletal injuries and back pain to post-operative care, our physiotherapists will help reduce or eliminate your pain.

One-On-One Care

Bluewater Physiotherapy Clinic provides prompt, individualized treatments to meet your physical needs in a relaxing environment. We are your partner in achieving your mobilization, and body strengthening goals so you can return to your daily activities as soon as possible. If you are an Ontario Health Insurance Patient (OHIP) with a doctor’s referral, please call us for more details on your treatment options.


Gently relieve your pain and stress.

Physiotherapy Treatment

Improve your mobility and strength.

Exercise Regimes

Customized exercise plans to suit you.

Post-Op Rehabilitation

Return to your prior level of function.

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